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About us

Matthew and Anthony are the proud owners of Veranda. 

We both understand the importance of your environment and the impact that it has on your mood. With a background in mental health, we both enjoy creating spaces that are comforting, inspiring, and have personality. We are transplants from New York and Florida and have made a home in Oakland California. At Veranda, we provide items from various locations, but always ensure that there are locally made items. We want our customers to be able to find things that they love and reflect who they are and where they're from. With experience in designing backyards and indoor spaces, we've fallen in love with home essentials and designing with intention. We're happy to help you find your voice within home decor. 

We are also proud to host experiences within our space. We love entertaining and believe that spaces are meant to be enjoyed, as activities within the neighborhood adds vibrancy to the community. Please follow us on instagram to stay abreast with in-store events. 


Matthew & Anthony